From instrumental design
to scientific exploitation

Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the galaxy AM 1353-272 B at 160 Mpc: a leap forward in mapping the extragalactic organic interstellar matter

In 1922, Mary Lea Heger, a PhD student at the Lick Observatory, identified some faint absorption features of unknown origin in the spectra of stars. Soon after, astronomers realized that they were created in the material between stars, the so-called Interstellar Medium and as such, they named them “diffuse interstellar bands” (DIBs). Almost one century after their discovery, astronomers know more than 400 of these bands. However, they have not yet identified what causes them. The best candidates are some kind of large carbon-based molecules... Read more

Scientific Pole

The Scientific Pole tackles several research themes, all of them strongly focused on galay formation and evolution. These range from the Milky Way to the highest redshift galaxies. The studies carried out at GEPI are firmly anchored on the observations and their interpretation, accompanied by a...

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Instrumental Pole

The Instrumental Pole is charged with the definition, design, and realization of large instrumental projects for both ground-based and space-borne astronomy, within the framework of international collaborations; it has associated Research and Development (R&D) activities in support of these...

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