Andy Gallagher, new postdoc researcher in GEPI

Andy Gallagher started a two-year position here at l’Observatoire de Paris in mid-May 2014. His research centres around metal-poor stars, chemical evolution of the early Galaxy, and 3D hydrodynamic modelling of stellar atmospheres. He is involved in two projects. The first looks at a group of metal-poor stars whose carbon abundance has been enhanced, called «carbon enhanced metal-poor stars», or CEMP stars for short. Secondly he will be looking at the metallicity distribution function of our... Read more

Scientific Pole

The Scientific Pole tackles several research themes, all of them strongly focused on galay formation and evolution. These range from the Milky Way to the highest redshift galaxies. The studies carried out at GEPI are firmly anchored on the observations and their interpretation, accompanied by a...

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Instrumental Pole

The Instrumental Pole is charged with the definition, design, and realization of large instrumental projects for both ground-based and space-borne astronomy, within the framework of international collaborations; it has associated Research and Development (R&D) activities in support of these...

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