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à l’exploitation des observables
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The Quintessence

Pamela Breda

“The greatest scientists are artists as well” Albert Einstein said in 1923. He believed insight did not come from logic or mathematics but rather, as it does for artists, from intuition and inspiration. Indeed scientists act often as artists since they use their creativity to envision theories and hypothesis
based on optical observation. Great scientific discoveries - from Nicholas Copernicus ‘s eliocentric system to Georges Lemaître’s Big Bang theory - came both from a strick observations of heavenly phenomena and from an imaginative output that enabled great astronomers to envision new possible physical explanations of the universe, marking key deveopments in
their discipline.
For this very reason, through my current research I aim to explore the strong link between visual observation and scientific discoveries born out of it in order to analyze the narrative and knowledge-related content inherent to the visual recording of the universe.