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The Gaseous Outskirts of the Milky Way

Philipp Richter (Postdam University)

Galaxies like the Milky Way are surrounded by large amounts of diffuse
gas that connect the stellar body of a galaxy with the surrounding
cosmological large-scale structure. This diffuse gas component,
commonly referred to as circumgalactic medium (CGM), plays a key role
in the on-going formation and evolution of galaxies in the local
Universe. In this talk I will review our current understanding of the
distribution and physical nature of the circumgalactic gas surrounding
the Milky Way and discuss recent observational and theoretical studies
of the local CGM that provide important new information on the past
and future evolution of our Galaxy. In particular, I will present new
results on the origin of the so-called Magellanic Stream based on data
obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope and the ESO Very Large