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HI 21cm emission observations of nearest GRB host galaxy

Maryam Arabsalmani

The host galaxy of GRB 980425, the nearest known GRB only 37 Mpc away, hosts an uncommonly bright Wolf-Rayet
region about 800 pc from the location of the GRB, and with extreme star formation properties whose existence was
somewhat of a mystery. I will present our study on mapping the HI 21 cm emission from this host galaxy, using the
Giant Metrewave Radio Telecope (GMRT) array. Using the hybrid configuration of GMRT we were able to map the
spatial and velocity structure of the atomic gas at varying spatial resolutions. Our study sheds light on the cause
behind the extreme properties of the WR region and the GRB environment. I will also report on our recent simulations
on modeling a system with properties similar to the host galaxy of GRB 980425.