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Synergy between galaxy models and observations to unveil the high-redshift Universe.

Camilla Pacifici

A synergy between galaxy models and data is indispensable to best exploit the capabilities of current and future telescopes. The interpretation of high-resolution data, both in terms of spatial and spectral resolution, will be challenging or even impossible without proper tools and comprehensive models. With the help of existing data, we need to develop and test new approaches that will allow us to deal with the amount of information we will receive in the future. I will present how we can generate a library of galaxy spectra where all components are computed in a consistent manner, using detailed star formation and chemical enrichment histories from cosmological simulations, state-of-the-art spectral models including nebular emission, and different treatments for dust attenuation. With such model spectra, we can simultaneously interpret spectral features and broadband photometry, from large scales to small regions inside a galaxy. I will show how this approach is being applied to current observations from CANDELS, SAMI, and the LEGA-C survey and how it will be used for future observations (for example JWST) to derive constraints on the dust and metal content of high-redshift galaxies.