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Search for giant planets in open clusters : Three new planetary companions around stars of M67

Anna Brucalassi (MPE)

Since 2008 we have carried out a search for massive planets around main
sequence and evolved stars in the open cluster M67, that has solar age
and solar metallicity.
We have used radial velocity measurements obtained with HARPS at ESO (La
Silla), SOPHIE at OHP and HRS at HET. Additional RV data come from CORALIE
at the Euler Swiss Telescope.
Our long-standing program has been rewarded by success
and we detected the first three exoplanets in this cluster.
Remarkably, one of planets is the first found around a solar twin that
belongs to a stellar cluster.
In my talk I will present our stars sample, the science motivations
of our research and the detection of these three planets with their
These results show how in contrast with early reports and in agreement
with recent findings, massive planets around stars of open clusters are as
frequent as those around field stars.