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Promising horizons on the galactic neighborhood

Structural parameters from globular clusters and dwarf spheroidals with Gaia EDR3

The galactic neighborhood is a replete garden of important objects, such as globular clusters (GCs) and dwarf spheroidal galaxies (dSphs), that help to explain the key ingredients of galaxy evolution and other mysteries in astrophysics, such as dark matter. The study of both GCs and dSphs made a major leap as data from the Gaia astrometric mission became available, especially with DR2 and EDR3. Along with it, the need for algorithms able to promptly derive important parameters of stellar systems is evident. In this talk, I will present my new open source algorithm, BALRoGO (link below), which aims to extract GC and dSph members from Gaia data mixed with Milky Way interlopers and to derive structural parameters such as bulk proper motions and scale radii. I will also introduce some of the many questions related to GCs and dSphs, as well as a few of the latest findings on them.