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Observing in the infrared the obscure growth of black holes and their host galaxies

Kalliopi Dasyra (CEA/Observatoire de Paris)

Rapid growth of black holes (BHs) and intense star formation are often
believed to simultaneously take place the galaxies that are largely responsible for the cosmic infrared background. The standard techniques of obtaining host galaxy and BH mass estimates often fail in IR-bright galaxies because of the high amount/compactness of obscuring medium in them. I will present galaxy mass estimates from VLT observations of NIR stellar absorption features, and a means to obtain BH mass estimates from MIR ionic gas lines that can be applicable to future JWST and SPICA observations. I will also discuss (dis)similarities in the nature, trigger mechanisms, morphologies, IR dust features, and warm molecular gas content of dust obscured galaxies as a function of z, as determined from HST and Spitzer data.