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Galaxy clusters on simulated and observational data.

Begoña Ascaso

Galaxy clusters are one of the main exponent of the present theories of formation and evolution of the Universe. Present surveys have been able to detect thousands of them, being their number lower at higher redshift or lower masses. Next generation surveys will be able to detect hundreds of thousands of them. Therefore, we will have excellent cluster samples to investigate galaxy evolution in such environments as well as to constraint very accurately the main cosmological parameters, in particular, those related with dark energy. In this talk, I will talk about the cluster expectations based on the Bayesian Cluster Finder (BCF) applied to specific simulations created for J-PAS, a next generation survey attempted to image more than 8000 square degrees with 54 narrow bands starting in 2015. I will also show the work in progress regarding the constraint of the cosmological parameters and mention the latest clusters results of the ALHAMBRA survey, a pilot project for J-PAS, and some other surveys I’m involved in.