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Are lenses descendant of bars in Lenticular galaxies ?

Soumavo Ghosh

Lenses are relatively more common than bars in Lenticular (S0) galaxies in the local universe.
Although it has long been suggested that lenses might be the evolutionary phase after bar gets destroyed/dissolved in a disk galaxy, it remains to be verified whether there is an imprint/link of this physical process inscribed in their kinematic properties. In this talk, I will present
some of the detailed kinematic properties for a sample of S0-lenses and S0-bars, using the two-dimensional kinematic information obtained from SDSS-MaNGA IFS survey.
Also, using a suite of high-resolution N-body simulation models, I will discuss how an offset among bulge-disk-Dark Matter halo can lead to a bar destruction event and subsequent formation of lens in S0s.