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An interferometric view on cool stars : radiation hydrodynamical models meet the observations

Andrea Chiavassa (MPA, Garching)

Interferometric observations provide an innovative way of addressing the detailed studies of granulation pattern on late type stars.
I will present recent results (Chiavassa, Plez, Josselin & Freytag 2009, A&A 506, 1351-1365 and Chiavassa, Lacour, Millour et al. 2010, A&A in press, arXiv:0911.4422v2) of three-dimensional radiative hydrodynamics (RHD) simulations of cool stars which are essential to a proper quantitative analysis of interferometric observations.

I will describe the prospects for the detection and characterization of granulation (i.e., contrast, size) on late type stars and I will demonstrate that the RHD simulations provide an excellent fit to existing interferometric observations (visibility and closure phases at different wavelength from optical to infrared) and reconstructed images.