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CNRS Medal of Honnor for Jean Borsenberger

» Tuesday 25 January 2011
Director of GEPI, Piercarlo Bonifacio (on the left), gives the CNRS medal of honnor to Jean Borsenberger (on the right), during the "Journées du GEPI" in the CNRS Bellevue buildings.

On the occasion of the laboratory meeting "Journées du GEPI", the Director has given to Jean Borsenberger the Medal of Honnor of CNRS. This medal is the testimony of over fifteen years of high quality activity at the CNRS.
Jean is an "ingénieur de recherche", but also an astrophysicist, having obtained his PhD at the Observatoire de Paris. Jean has been active in many fields of astrophysics. He began with the theory of stellar atmospheres, determination of chemical abundances in stars, including advanced methods.
Jean has played a crucial role in the design of the data reduction pipeline for the DEep Near Infrared Survey (DENIS) and in its operation.
Nowadays he is actively developing new algorithms and codes to
allow an efficient reduction of the data of the Radio Telescope of
Nançay, using a cluster of Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). Among
the services Jean has done for the community, is the direction of the
Computing Division of the Observatoire for several years.

The CNRS and GEPI in particular are extremely grateful to Jean
and wish he continues his successful research.