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Structure galactique : bulbe, barre et bras spiraux
Crédit: Robert Hurt, IPAC; Mark Reid, CfA, NRAO/AUI/NSF

The Scientific Pole tackles several research themes, all of them strongly focused on galay formation and evolution. These range from the Milky Way to the highest redshift galaxies. The studies carried out at GEPI are firmly anchored on the observations and their interpretation, accompanied by a significant expertise on numerical simulations. In this philosophy the researchers at GEPI also play key roles in the development of astronomical instrumentation, both in ground-based and space-born. This activity is in virtuous synergy with the Instrumental Pole.

Are long gamma-ray bursts biased tracers of star formation?

by J. T. Palmerio, S. D. Vergani, R. Salvaterra, et al. 2019, A&A, 623, A26 Long gamma-ray bursts (LGRB, which emit for periods of more than 2 sec.) are connected to the end of life of massive stars, which explode in supernovae. Since those massive stars are short lived, LGRBs are associated with the recent (last 10 Myr) star formation rate (SFR) of a galaxy. Could LGRBs then be used as tracers of SFR? This is debatable, since previous...
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