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Galactic properties of stars with planets

» mardi 1er décembre 2020

Proposition de stage au niveau M1.

Proposant : Misha Haywood (GEPI).

Subject : Jupiter-mass planets are known to have been discovered preferentially around high metallicity stars, metallicity possibly favoring the formation of planetesimals in the protoplanetary disc around the star. It has also been suggested that they are more common on stars belonging to the thick disc population (Haywood, 2010). Since then, our knowledge of Galactic stellar populations has significantly deepened, and the samples of known stars with planets have been increased substantially. The aim of this internship is to look for specific Galactic properties of stars with planets, using the most recent data from current exoplanet databases, Gaia Data Release 2, and available spectroscopic abundances. The internship will start with a brief study of recent available articles on the subject to familiarize with the main results and ideas, then will continue with an exploration with the data available to find evidence of specific correlations of Galactic properties of stars with planets.