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Exploring the properties of the first major accretion of the Milky Way with new datasets

» mardi 11 janvier 2022

Proposition de stage au niveau M1.

Proposant : Misha Haywood (GEPI).

Subject :
The CFIS collaboration has permitted the observation of stars within a large volume in the Milky Way, producing photometric distance and metallicity estimates for a large number of objects. These data can be combined with the data offered by the Gaia early Data Release 3. The data release DR3, which contains additional information compared to eDR3 will be published in spring 2022, offering the possibility to add interesting new data.
The above data set will be used to explore the properties of Gaia Sausage Enceladus, the first major galaxy satellite accreted by the Milky Way, and which has left an important imprint on our Galaxy.
During this internship, the student will have the occasion to become familiar galactic stellar populations, the structure of the Milky Way, and with the handling and analysis of large datasets.