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Study of the first phases of the formation of our Galaxy from metal-poor stars

» mardi 13 février 2024

Proposition de stage au niveau M1.

Proposant : Misha Haywood (GEPI).

Subjet : With the publication of the Gaia catalogs and various complementary sky surveys, the oldest part of the Galaxy is beginning to show its face. The catalogs in question now make it possible to delve much more deeply into the characteristics of the stars which formed in the first billion years after the big bang.
The aim of this internship is to explore one of these catalogs and to study the spatial, kinematic characteristics, and the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram of these stars. The internship will begin with reading a few articles on the issue. It will continue with the study of different sub-samples selected in a complementary manner on a kinematic selection (for example a selection of high-velocity stars), then on a selection of low metallicity stars.