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GIRAFFE is an ESO spectroscopic instrument mounted on VLT UT2 Kueyen at Paranal Observatory. It is a unique facility thanks to the coupling of the high resolution spectroscopy and multiplex capabilities with an 8 meter telescope. As a result of these capabilities, the scientific applications of GIRAFFE cover a wide range of topics, from stellar, to Galactic and extra-galactic studies. Moreover, since its startup in Spring 2003, GIRAFFE produced around one million science spectra. Indeed ESO only distributes raw data. The GIRAFFE Archive, developed in GEPI in collaboration with CRAL (Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon), makes available the whole set of scientific data, in reduced form.

Description of the Archive

Search interface of the GIRAFFE Archive.

Once they are released, the data are fetched, reduced and fed into the GIRAFFE Archive. The database can be queried with a web interface available at

Example of reduced spectrum observed with GIRAFFE. The target is a massive star belonging to the open clustrer NGC 2004 in the Large Magellan Cloud. The wavelength interval covers the Balmer line Hδ.

Spectra satisfying the selection criteria can be visualised.


Data are now being reduced to be fed into the GIRAFFE Archive.
A VO compliant access is also being developed and will be soon available on the portal.