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The GEPI data bases are gathered in the VO Data Centre (Virtual Observatory) of Paris Observatory, which is presently under construction.

The Stars and Galaxies data bases contain the results of large surveys (large images, DENIS), information obtained with certain instruments (Nançay Radio Telescope, FLAMES at ESO) or information on a particular type of object (Be stars, pulsars, galaxies).

One of the large survey data bases contains the results of the digitization and reduction of three southern sky atlases, as well as a catalogue of 500 million sources in the southern hemisphere, corresponding to a data base of 3 million images from the near-infrared DENIS survey. The BeSS data base contains a complete catalogue of hot stars with emission lines (Be stars) and some of their fundamental parameters.

Other specific data bases contain 21 cm neutral hydrogen emission line data and pulsar timing data obtained with the Nançay radio telescope, and observations of stars and galaxies obtained with the GIRAFFE spectrograph at the VLT.