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Soutenance de thèse d’Anastasia Ivanova — 20 décembre à 9H30

» jeudi 14 décembre 2023

Le titre de la thèse est : "Contributions to the study of exoplanets :
improvement of the stars radial velocity measurements, transit spectroscopy modeling".
La soutenance (en anglais) aura lieu le mercredi 20 décembre à 9h30 au LATMOS, Bd D’Alembert, à Guyancourt.
Elle sera aussi retransmise en visioconférence via le lien suivant :
ID de réunion : 917 9740 9122
Code secret : 695487

Abstract :
The radial velocity (RV) method was the first succesful method to detect
exoplanets around main sequence stars. Since 1995, more than 2000
exoplanets were discovered using this technique, and it is still one of
the most productive methods. The aim of my thesis is to develop a method
for correcting the absorption caused by Earth’s atmosphere upon high
resolution spectra acquired by ground-based telescopes. Then, I
characterized the improvement in RV retrieval accuracy when considering
the new wavelength domain made available using the aforementioned
telluric correction algorithm. During my study, I also worked on methods
used to retrieve RV from stellar spectra. In particular, I developed a
new algorithm able to detect changes in line shapes potentially
associated to stellar activity and changes of convective granulation
blueshift. A side project about modeling transit transmission
spectroscopy shall also be presented.