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Want a PEPSI ?

Klaus Strassmeier (AIP Potsdam)

Évènements associés

  • Le lundi 11 décembre 2017 de 11:00 à 12:00

PEPSI is the bench-mounted fiber-fed and stabilized Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instrument for the 2x8.4m Large Binocular Telescope. It covers the entire optical wavelength range from 383 to 912 nm in three exposures at resolutions of either R=43,000, 120,000 or 250,000. As of fall 2017, the R=120,000 mode can also be used with two dual-beam Stokes IQUV polarimeters and as such provides another unique capability besides the ultra-high resolution mode. A robotic solar-disk-integration telescope feeds light to PEPSI also during day time and a 450-m fiber feed from the 1.8m VATT uses PEPSI when LBT is busy otherwise. I will show first spectra and results and lay out some of the science programs already ongoing, among them spectral atlases for 48 bright stars, the Sun, and the ancient planet-host Kepler-444.