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Milky Way Archaeology from Cepheids

Bertrand Lemasle

Évènements associés

  • Le lundi 15 mai 2017 de 11:00 à 12:00

Cepheids are excellent tracers of young stellar populations (20-300 Myr). They are famous for providing very accurate distances, their ages are also very well known and, more generally, their physics is well understood. Moreover, their spectra show well-defined absorption lines leading to reliable abundances for numerous elements. For all these reasons they have been used for almost 30 years to study the Milky Way chemical evolution. In this talk I will discuss specific challenges related to the analysis of Cepheid spectra and present some recent results using Galactic Cepheids. I will also say a few words about future perspectives in terms of observing facilities and analysis techniques.