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L’instrument X-Shooter au foyer de l’un des télescopes du VLT.

X-Shooter is a spectrograph of moderate resolution aimed at the study of the onset of gamma rays bursts (luminous jets whose energy release is estimated to date to be the most powerful in the Universe) detected by satellites (Integral, SWIFT, SVOM).

Unique among current spectrographs, it allows the simultaneous coverage of a very broad wavelength range, from 0.32 to 2.4 micrometres, with unprecedented efficiency.

The project was carried out by an international consortium, with France (participation of GEPI and APC) providing the Integral Field Unit and all the data reduction software. With X-Shooter (operational in 2009) the GEPI reinforces its success with VLT instrumentation, which started with FLAMES/GIRAFFE in 2002.

Read more on XSHOOTER on ESO web site.

X-shooter : le spectrographe le plus efficace pour saisir le ciel

Le très grand télescope (Very Large Telescope VLT) de l’ESO — installation phare de l’Europe pour l’astronomie au sol — est désormais équipé de son premier instrument de seconde génération : X-shooter. Il a la capacité d’enregistrer, en une seule fois, avec...

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