CoRoT is a space project in Astrophysics.

Its objective is double:

  • study the stellar interiors
  • detect planets analogous to the Earth orbiting around other stars than the Sun.

The satellite orbits at an altitude of 896 km. It carries a telescope able to observe continuously many stars during very long periods and to measure very accurately the variations of their brightness.

CoRoT was successfully launched in 2006.

The CoRoT acronym reminds the main phenomena CoRoT will observe : Convection and Rotation of stars and planetary Transits.


CoRoT observe des étoiles situées dans 2 cones du ciel, l’un proche du centre galactique et l’autre proche de l’anticentre. CoRoT observe en moyenne une étoile Be brillante dans ses champs sismologie et quelques dizaines d’étoiles Be faibles dans ses...

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